Just a quick note that I’m not slacking…..I’ve had a pretty busy couple of days…

ANNNNND I figured that nobody would want to read that I’m still trying to learn the alphabet…

I’ll have more exciting stuff to write about soon. Promise. Until then, I’ll leave you with this photo that I found. Simply gorgeous.



Gamarjoba! (That means ‘Hello’)

I spent a few hours last night after work trying to learn the Georgian alphabet. It’s amazing, the lack of resources online. There are a few videos on youtube that are helpful, but as far as a Rosetta Stone-ish program….not that I found. I’m sure you can buy them…I actually saw some sort of software for sale on Amazon, but I’m more focused on free right now (after all, I am trying to raise/save money to go to Georgia)…and an extra $30 just isn’t likely to happen, so I’ll use what I can find. I found a few sites that taught me a few things. I’m really looking for something with audio, to show how to correctly pronounce each sound. The videos of people on youtube are nice, but everyone seems to say things differently.

Georgian is a phonetically regular language, meaning that each letter (there are 33) has the exact same sound – always. So, theoretically, once I can get the letters (and their sounds) down, it should be smooth sailing. Hmmm…we’ll see. Maybe I’ll have them memorized by Sunday evening.

When I’m practicing writing each letter (more of a symbol to me) I feel like I’m in art class. They are so pretty and strange-looking. I’m falling in love with the language. I may need to take a video of me trying to say some things, after I get the hang of it, that is.

Do any of you have any pointers about learning this wonderful language?


Ok, I get it. The whole anonymity thing…nobody likes it. Neither do I.

You want to know who I am? Here I am. Just a regular girl…

I’m not Georgian…and I’m not a gypsy.

I want to travel to Georgia to immerse myself in their culture and teach English as a second language. I want to have a ‘gypsy’ lifestyle and leave all I know behind to find and see some treasures in the world…I want to put everything I need in a suitcase (or two or three) and be able to move around as I please. (Of course when I’m not teaching.) I just need a little help to make this dream a reality. That’s the purpose of this blog. To make a difference, sometimes we have to ask for help – whether it’s financially, mentally or emotionally.

I’m just a girl with a dream, asking for a little help.


I just found this video on youtube. Pretty powerful stuff.

Teach and Learn with Georgia

Are you inspired? I am.


I’ve been absolutely racking my brain for the last two days. I’ve created a blog – I’ve created a Twitter account, an email address and a crowdfunding page. When I get excited about a new project, I want it started YESTERDAY! This has been no different. This attitude is truly what fuels me. I stayed awake until almost 2 AM, on Twitter (@georgiangypsy), tweeting for help with my fundraiser. I think that may have been the wrong approach.

When I logged on today, I changed my strategy. I tweeted about my blog instead! Within seconds, I was asking a girl over at i-to-i.com to have a look at it. SHE DID!! Low and behold! So exciting! (Thanks a million times, Katie!)

I’m trying to think outside of the box because just by posting a link (to the blog or to my crowdfunding site), people think it’s spam. I can’t say that I blame them….but finding a way around that is not the most simple feat.

I haven’t received any donations thusfar, which is ok. I have plenty of time. I’m just so excited to get that first dollar, I can hardly stand it!

I understand that I need to let people get to know me and my goals before I really start getting any sort of financial help. I keep wondering if anyone has ever taken this road before? I’m so determined, but I know that it is not going to happen overnight…

I’m a believer in the snowball effect! Do YOU want to start it by passing this blog along to your friends? Like they say, word of mouth is the best advertising!!


I’ve launched a fundraiser to hopefully help get me all set up to get to Georgia. As I mentioned, the Ministry of Education actually pays to get you to their country. They even pay you each month. The total each month is around $300 USD. From my research, that’s quite a bit in Georgia and I have yet to come across anyone saying that they struggled with that amount. They do ask that you provide 100 Georgia Lari to your host family. After all, they are letting you into their home and providing for you, feeding you, etc. I also haven’t read anywhere about people taking any of their own money just in case. This is something that I am going to add to my blog once I’m there, in case anyone else has any questions about it – because I’ve looked…only to find nothing.

The reason I’m bringing this up?

I, much like most of us, will still have bills to pay during my stay in Georgia. While I may not be driving my car while I’m teaching in Georgia, I will still have to pay for it! I will have a rent payment and pesky things like insurance to pay for. This is why I have started this fundraiser, to help with these responsibilities I will leave in the states for 5 months. This journey is something that has quickly become so near and dear to my heart, I cannot imagine not being about to realize this dream.

I’ve put together some ‘incentives’ for those of you that are able to help me with this great cause. As you can imagine, the more you are able to give, the more special your ‘incentives’ get. Heck, while I’m at it, if you are willing to donate, and you’d like something (within reason) other than what I have listed, shoot me an email and ask @ georgiangypsy@gmail.com. I’m sure we can come up with something! Click HERE to see the ‘incentives’.

Thanks for all of your help!


I stumbled upon a new possibilty this week.  I can hardly think of anything else.  Do you know anything about the Republic of Georgia?  Neither did I.  I’ve found myself reading blog after blog after blog about people traveling to this unknown country to help it’s citizens realize a lifelong dream.  To learn the English language.  Now I’m not going to pretend to be a history buff, or pretend that I fully understand everything that has happened in or to this small country.  All I know is that I am absolutely facinated with it.  I’m facinated with it’s culture, with it’s people and with it’s eagerness.

The Ministry of Education has started a movement, for lack of a better term, to bring English speaking people from around the world to this country to “co-teach” our language.  Sure, there are many, many programs to travel the world and teach English as a second language.  If you can find the place on the map, chances are, there is a programs that will send you there to teach.  Qualifications vary from country to country.

Let me tell you the reason teaching in Georgia is so unique.  After an application process, and your acceptance into the program, the Ministry of Education will fully fund a round trip plane ticket from your home town to Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia.  They also pay you quite a lot (by Georgian standards) each month.

Upon your arrival, you receive a weeklong “training”.  This training, from what I’ve gathered, teaches you basic Georgian language, not to “flirt” with Georgian men or they will think you are to marry them, do not “flirt” with Georgian women or they will become your wife.  This week is also a way for other travelers to “bond” so that home doesn’t feel so far away.  The program has start dates twice per month.  They will only send a group if there are enough people…so you will always have someone there going through the same journey as you.

After your training week is over, you get to meet your host family.  Each of the blogs I’ve read has made me cry when I read about the initial meeting with their family.  The people of Georgia truly seem to be the most hospitible people in the world.

Why am I telling you all of this?  Why did I start this blog to tell you this?  Because, simply put, I want to go.  I cannot imagine a more fulfilling, soul searching, rewarding adventure than this.  I want to go more than anything in the world.  Realistically speaking, I would not be able to do anything of the sort until after the end of July.  August is my 30th birthday month.  Why not give myself the birthday gift of a lifetime?

I’m trying to weigh the pros and the cons.  I’ve been doing this all week.  I’m having quite a bit of trouble coming up with many cons.  Oh!  Did I mention that you can go for any amount of time?  I would like to go in August and come back in December.  I don’t think I could give up my family for Christmas.

Would you do this?  Have you done this?  Can I do this?

Any advice is much appreciated.


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